The two developers in the works to buy the Mercantile Building downtown are now in Missoula, and they bought only a one way ticket to get here.

“So obviously when Macy’s left it didn’t look anything like this, the current owners went through and did all the demolition and remediation,” said Stephen Glenn a private developer based out of Reno.

The Merc is currently just a shell of a building that was once a big hub for commerce in Missoula.

“They went through and they removed all the store fixtures, they removed all the recent improvements, the asbestos, all the lead paint,” said Glenn.

Glenn and Dario Passalalpi are in the process of taking over the Merc, and now have a blank canvass before them.

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Reported from:

KPAX – MTN News Missoula

Nov 7, 2014
by Jacqueline Quynh